I don’t know what’s going on! Mom and Dad have decided that they are no longer going to do shit for us. What the fuck?! They said it’s because we don’t show them any respect? I can see that for Mike, but not for me! No way! I mean, I didn’t think so. I’m lazy. I admit that. Maybe brazen sometimes, but I didn’t think that bad. I always thought that I had a good relationship with them, until now that is. Mom is asking if we know how to use the washer, Dad won’t ask us to be quiet he just turns the TV up all the way? What the fuck is happening to our family? Everyone is bickering, bitching and complaining. It all started with the power outage. Everyone has hated everyone else since. Me and Mike are fine again ever since his friend Adam went home. The parents have placed the sanction on us. This is not going to have a good outcome. {I usually just dealt with these sort of things until Mike exploded and fought his way out. I would just walk out in the aftermath.} I can see it. Mike will get pissed and start yelling at mom and dad. Then he’ll be punished. They will fight with each other and Mike while I chill in my room hearing them fighting. But yet none of them will notice, they will be too mad or something stupid. They won’t realize that it hurts me. {After everyone calms down I would emerge and everyone would consider me ‘the good kid’}

I know I am only judging  what I think will happen. From experience? From assumption? I don’t really know but I guarantee, before this is over, we will find out. That scares me the most of all. Knowing something is coming and not being able to stop it. Talking to them at this point, I think, would be useless.


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