Thursday, December 18, 1997.

Holy shit! December 18th. A lot has happened. Where the hell do I start? Well… about the 8th, Emily asked me to the semi-formal. She’s majorly HOT! But I was her second choice if this guy Jay said he wouldn’t go. Well, he said he’d go so I’m not. B, Emily and everyone still thinks I should go but I like what I did more.

The posse and I, except for Bob, went to see Scream 2. Darren and Scott went home but Jeff and Chad came to my house. Chad brought over apple cider (alcoholic of course.) {You’re so cool.} and we got buzzed, maybe a lil’ drunk. Ah well. Anyways, we ordered pizza and had our own little party.

{Written up the side of the page in the margin in, you guessed it, black marker} The most delicate connection possible is the emotional connection to a woman. I crave that. I believe I need it to survive in this world. {This explains so much…}

It’s Xmas holidays now. I try not to think that I could have been getting laid in a few days… Doesn’t really matter. {Polkaroo! Ah darn, I missed him again!}

Well Joel smokes pot… for some reason it doesn’t or didn’t surprise me like it surprised me when Jason started doing heavy drugs. Who really knows anymore. I think I only have a few friends or old fiends who have kept straight. When I go to Joel’s I will no longer be one of those people. I’m going to try it. I think I’ll like it. Then I’ll go back to school and buy a few grams. I was going to get 2 grams to go to Joel’s but we’re fresh out at our school. All the dealers are out for the vacation. {Supply and demand, yo. That’s economics.}

Well, then I’ll be getting drunk new years at our party. It will be cool. I’m going to have Joel and hopefully Jay out and I’ll get a bunch of friends over and we’ll have our own party up in my room upstairs. It will be cool!

Natalie asked me why I turned into such an asshole. I just figure that I just realized how much that bitch was making me miss in life and I just have to catch up now. {Sad that I have to be so cruel to her. She was only trying to preserve our friendship. I still had a lot to figure out in life. Specifically when to use the word ‘just’ and when not to.}

I got a ton of shit (home work) to do over the holidays. I’m just going to do the basics. Fuck the rest! {My poor marks in an earlier entry are starting to make more sense.} LyNch is reborn! HACK THE PLANET!!! {Wow. LyNch was my ‘handle’ for BBSing… those are bulletin board systems. Google it. I don’t remember doing much in the way of hacking… but I was obviously heavily influenced by the 1995 movie, Hackers.}

I’m getting my bro a cod poster he’s wanted for a while. It’s framed and everything and I know he’ll love it and that makes me happy. I know this Xmas is going to RULE and I’m going to have a BLAST! {Are you sure it won’t also be radical, far out, or excellent?}

I feel bad about Jeff though. He seems depressed now and I know his mom and Murray are together. He hasn’t told me so I can’t really help him through it. I don’t think he likes the idea very much, personally. I liked Dave way more! Murray is old and shit. It kinda sucks 4 Jeff. Jeff is always complaining how his Xmas is going to blow. Financially and spiritually he said. I dunno what I can do. Now I’ll feel bad on Xmas when he wants to know what I got. Oh well. I dunno.

Ummm… That’s it and stuff. Latez.

caricature Jeff


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