Saturday, December 6, 1997.

Animal PigI chickened out on asking Melissa out Friday; yesterday; whatever! I just don’t want to be rejected. It’s too early after being dumped. I just want a girlfriend so badly! I want someone to care about but, call me a pig, I really miss having someone want to kiss me. {Pig.} or just want me to be there. It feels nice to be loved and cared about by someone who doesn’t have to.

I want to ask out M because I like her, her personality, sense of humour, everything! Not to mention she looks good in tight jeans. he he he.

Well I also want to ask out Emily, the friend of Barbie {written in black ink – “Jeff broke up with her grandmother.” That make any sense to anyone else?}, the cute, 5’5″ blond, curly haired, gorgeous girl who barely knows I exist. And now, because of Jeff, she doesn’t talk to me at all. He went and told her that I liked her and not to mention she has a boyfriend in grade 9. I would kick his ass {No you wouldn’t. Not in a million years, tough guy!} but it wouldn’t matter much or really do anything. *LOL* Just make Emily hate me. And we don’t want that. It would feel good but we still don’t want it.

Jeff and I walked up Princess Street from Tim Horton’s to Tim Horton’s where Jeff’s K works. It was fun. Jeff thinks it was pointless, but it just feels good to do something instead of just sitting around.

Semi-formal is Friday. I want to go but I have to have a date. I think my reason (biggest) is so Katrina will feel bad. Stupid bitch deserves it. {Bad boy. It’s hard publishing those kinds of words. I hope anyone reading this appreciates that I was an immature 16 year old when I wrote this. Also, if my mother heard me say that I would have gotten a dressing down, military style.}

Ummm… That’s all.

Latez. {Why use an ‘r’ when you can use a ‘z’!}


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