Sunday, November 23, 1997.

Hey, what’s up? {Nothing… clearly.} Nothing? {That was weird.} Good, because I have a bit to say.

Friday Jeff and I went to see Mortal Kombat II in the theatre. Needless to say it blew big time! Well that didn’t matter anyways. Katrina should have been there but her parents don’t know me. {Duh.} FUCK! {Calm down rage machine.} So we can’t be together outside of school until I meet them. Her dad’s never around either (he works in Toronto) so who knows when I’ll see her. {Best guess; Monday when you go back to school…}

I slept at Jeff’s house last night and I had the COOLEST dream about Katrina I have ever had. {I don’t recall having a lot…} Here goes. It was just me, Emily and Katrina in this room. Katrina was the only one naked. (Who knows so don’t bother asking.) and I was hovering gently in mid-air spinning slowly. Emily was suddenly was gone. (Prob to Dan’s dream, who really cares.) {Sorry Emily but I have a one track mind.} and as Katrina was spinning I kissed her between her legs as they passed. She stopped spinning and I ‘ate her out’ in crude layman terms. It was so real and I could even feel the warmth and taste her. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up. I was like ‘Fuckin’ Right!”. {I have a boner.} I was pissed, needless to say. {I say needless to say a lot. Obviously I’m saying a lot of things I don’t need to say. Fun though.} Maybe because I never got to finish, {you should and I’m sure JC would be thankful you didn’t… in his bed.} or maybe because it wasn’t real, I don’t know. Probably both. I know that I want it. I hope she does too. Only time will tell.

Jeff’s house was fun, he seems to like it here more though. {Yeah he did. His mom worked two jobs to keep afloat. He had to watch his little sister a lot while she worked or went out. He made his own meals, cleaned, everything. I was a spoiled brat and my parents loved him.} Probably because his sister isn’t here. Whatever. He makes this place his home when he’s here. No one cares, we find it like a compliment that he’s so comfortable here. I think that this would be the best place for him if the unspeakable happens to his grandmother. {If his grandmother dies. Somewhere between then and now I stopped sugar-coating shit.} 

I don’t want anything to happen to her but I have to admit it would be cool having Jeff living here for a week or two. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen for Nanny’s sake. {Did he call his grandmother Nanny too? That’d be weird. I either didn’t know that and projected my grandmother on his or I forgot. Huh…} 

Til’ next time. {Yay! Clever sign-offs are back!!!}


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