Wednesday, November 19, 1997 (1).

{Keep in mind I’ve only been dating KH for 6 days.}

I don’t got much to say, all I have is that waiting for Katrina to call drives me crazy! The last two nights she hasn’t bothered. {Remember that in the 90s you had to wait at home for a call…} At 8:30 I may give her a dingle. {LOL Yep, dingle.} It’s like she doesn’t care or something. I’d really feel bad if she was sick or something and here I am bitching and complaining. {Obsess much?}

Well, all those Lord of the Flies questions are due Monday. Ahh! I’m on chapter 5?!?! {The stresses of the pre-internet generation.} At least I’ve got it all typed up to there.

My first date is this Friday! wOO! Me and KH! It’s about bloody time! {6 days…} Well we’ll be accompanied by Jeff, Darren, Bob, and Chad {I’m planning our first date with my four guy friends… smooth operator me.} but I hope to ditch them, who knows what could happen?

I hope I can pick her up and drop her off. Just so I can spend more time with her.

I love every second I’m with her. I just wish I could know without having to ask her. If I did, she’d be on the spot and of course she’d say she did. {Ask her what? Was I asking if I can pick her up or if she loves every second she’s with me? I’m lost.} I also keep looking for some sign she wants to be close. I’ve gotten a few, but not much rock solid that she wants to “make out” or anything good like that.

Well, I’m done.
Latez {l33t, recognize l33t}


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