Tuesday, November 18, 1997.

Ok. Ok. KHs got a ‘thought’ about us {Why is thought in quotes? Am I implying that it isn’t actually a thought?} that we HAD to be alone for her to tell me. {I’m intrigued. I don’t remember where this is going…} We were alone this afternoon. We skipped french. {I had about as much respect for the french language then as I do now.} She said it was a good thing, and it had me and her in it, so me being of the mind I am, {What mind? 16 year old boy? Not as much a mind as a tangle of nerve endings attached to a penis.} think it’s sexual. {Surprise sur-fucking-prise. Not much has changed. You, being a man, think everything is sex.}

At first I thought she was afraid of doing anything. I then realized that I was feeling and massaging her breast. {That was out of nowhere.} I know she loved it. I felt her nipple poking through her shirt. {Maybe she was just cold? You talking or molesting here? Where is this going?} So I think she just isn’t really for something that personal I guess or maybe she thinks its been too built up. Who knows. {WHAT? Wait… what just happened? That paragraph went absolutely nowhere. I’m a little pissed off with my 16 year old counterpart. So fucking enamored with a tit that he lost sight of the goal. Geez! Eyes on the prize, dummy.}

Tommy Boy - Pretty New Pet

Well NR and I are friends again. She kind of bothers me. {Yup, yesterday ‘love of my life’, today ‘bothers me’. Who needs a roller coaster with that going on in your head?} I’ve never liked how she forgives everyone so easily {Yes! Horrible quality in a human being. Am I right? It’s like Jesus said, ‘spite and wrath to all those who slight you.’ This chick gives you a pass and you’re annoyed. You want her to hate you?} but as soon as it was me, I almost expected it. {Not sure what I mean so I just left the sentence as it was poorly written 18 years ago.} I was such an ass and so insensitive {Admission of guilt! Ha! Got you you fucker!} and now we’re buds again, just like that! {Where’s the problem?} Hoo wow! {#facepalm} I couldn’t care less. I know it’s rude and, if NR ever saw it, it would break her heart, but I don’t really care right now if she’s my friend or not and it’s not only because I have KH. {Yeah fuck the ol’ lady. New model has arrived. What. An. Asshole. You deserve a good, swift, kick in the nuts.}

I also found out tonight that I’ve been further with a girl than JC. Woo! I just think that’s cool. {Could it be that I was as much an ass to JC as I remember him being to me? Say it isn’t so!} It’s kind of neat that I’m above two of my friends in that area. I want to tell DS about the last few days but I can’t seem to get a hold of him. {DS lived two hours away and 97′ was pre-everything; cell phones, SMS, Social Media… pretty much I probably just sent him an email and hoped he’d respond… or did nothing… which is also a very me thing to do.}

Ah well. I’m happy! I got a social life and almost a sex life. {You have touched one breast. I think only the one. Over the shirt. Calm the crap down.} Almost because I’m not planning on sex, but hey, anything is possible. {Oh! 16 year old me doesn’t know how it works yet… poor guy. Thinks he gets to decide when and where he can have sex. Awe.}

Til’ next time!
Peace out!


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