Sunday, November 16, 1997 (1).

I went on the net for the 1st time in days. {Come on! 3 days… tops!} I got an email from NR. She was still upset and her parents know now. I still believe that I did the right thing. {What is this, Nuremberg? Am I on trial? Who’s the prosecutor? Am I prosecuting myself?} I explained to her again now that she’s calmed down {holy fuck…} that it was too late after I kissed KH. When was I supposed to tell her? After our wedding? After our first born? I DON’T THINK SO! {Holy shit dude…}

I’m only 16! I need some TnA {Tits n’ Ass. Yes, really.} that’s all, with some tongue on the side. I want to experiment, “shop around” so to speak. I really like KH. I hope she doesn’t hurt me again. {Must have hurt really bad because I have no memory of said slight.} I’m sure in my heart she won’t. Keep reading to see I guess. 😉

Til’ next time!
Buh Bye!


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