Saturday, November 15, 1997.

I am a BoYfriENd! {#facepalm Wait… will future readers feel the same way about hashtags and facepalms as I do about alternating upper and lower case letters to denote wacky excitement? #fml} I love it! Ever since I got with KH my life has been tip top! {It’s been 2 days…} 

I am not wasting my life or teens away on the computer. Honestly, I admit, it was out of control! I got upset when MS wanted 10 minutes!

Now I have a new driving force in my life. That incredibly beautiful force’s name is KH. I love to say her name! KH, KH :). {Please try to remember the first time someone made your genitals tingle.} I still have trouble thinking about why my choice was so easy. I think as hard as I can {don’t hurt yourself.} and these are the only two answers I come up with. One, I’ve been chasing KH around since I’ve started school in KO. Then in a matter of days she goes from friend to all over me. ALL OVER ME! When I saw this chance I think my lost love for KH resurfaced. And two, I knew that seeing and being with NR was going to be impossible. {Really, what can I say to make this paragraph ok?}

I loved KH since the first day I met her, asked her to borrow those notes, and saw those beautiful eyes. In that minute or so of a french kiss under the stairs I forget all about NR.

At first I was worried that my emotional devotion to KH would turn out to be as unstable as to NR. Then I realized that the only reason I was pulled from NR was the fact that she could never provide what i experienced in the last few {2} days. It all happened so fast and was so intense that I knew AS {Yup! I started referring to myself in the 3rd person.} and KH would work.

I’m sorry AS and NR didn’t but that’s life.

Til’ next time! Peace Out!

Portrait Yearbook Girl 3


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